Nominate a little hero

nominate a little hero…


To qualify for a bicycle from Operation Red, White and Bike, a child (little hero) must meet the following criteria: 1) be the son, daughter or younger sibling of a Purple Heart Recipient who was either wounded in combat or killed in action 2) be 5 years old but not older than 15 and must live in either Texas, New Mexico or Oklahoma although special requests from sponsors and friends in other states have been honored. We plan to expand our work to other states as we grow. This could happen soon. If you live outside of Texas, New Mexico or Oklahoma send us a note and we will file your information for future consideration.

If the child you want to nominate meets these qualifications, here are some options:

· Send us an email at telling us a little about the family.

· Call us at (832) 598-1785 and leave a message

· Send letter to

Operation Red, White and Bike
3190 Hwy 30 W
P.O. Box # 8276
Huntsville, TX 77340

Someone will get back with you regarding required documentation, little hero approval, how to select bicycle and options for bicycle presentation.

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